“I love my new eyebrows. They’re such a great shape and colour and I don’t have to pencil them in everyday anymore!”


Trowbridge, Wiltshire


Eyebrows dramatically change your face. Your eyebrows create facial symmetry and bring character to your face, the frame to your face. Whether you need a full design of your eyebrow shape or enhancement to your existing brows a natural shape can be created.

If you have fair, sparse to none or uneven eyebrows then SPMU/Microblading will compliment and help to redefine this area, this important feature can be completely recreated to suit your face. The results are amazing, instantly giving emphasis and lift to the eyes bringing a more youthful look to this area.

Both Nano Needle and Microblading procedures are methods of semi-permanent makeup used to enhance your eyebrows, both aim to give a very similar end result. The outcome can either fill in your natural brow or create a realistic looking brow using tiny hair strokes.

Nano Needle

Uses a traditional needle device which is very flexible and the size of a hair strand. The needle projects approximately 0.50 mm outside the cartridge, allowing an exact pressure to be applied and create super fine and precise hair strokes. The tip of the needle is immersed in pigment, it is then transferred from the super needle into the skin. Ultra-fine hair-like strokes are placed throughout the eyebrow, creating the appearance of hair growth.

Nano needling can also achieve a powdered colour mist appearance through the brows, by placing the hair strokes closer to one another allowing for a softer healed brow.

Phibrows Microblading
Billie McKeown- PhiBrows

Billie McKeown- PhiBrows

Microblading is the most advanced semi-permanent make up technique for eyebrows. Carried out using a specialist manual tool (not machine) the pigment is deposited into the skin very carefully allowing a more super fine crisp hair stroke effect to be achieved. Super fine hair strokes are achieved by inserting pigments closer to the skin surface, virtually no fading under the skin and a more realistic effect created

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Before Phibrows Microblading Treatment

After Phibrows Microblading Treatment

Before Nano Needle Treatment

After Nano Needle Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment