In the next few blogs I’m going to be sharing with you tips for safer and healthier eyelash extensions that will be better for both you and your eyelash technician.

People often ask me why I charge a bit more than most of my competitors. Well the reason is that I apply your extensions with the upmost of care and safety in mind. Anyone can drop eyelash extensions onto your natural lashes and make them look okay (for a few days). But its when the natural eyelashes want to start growing, that’s when the problems start. Imagine you have glued together three of your natural lashes, now one of them needs to grow up so it will either rip out the other two either side of it so it can continue to grow or the two either side of it will hold it back and the hair follicle will become irritated, this could lead to itchiness, swelling and possibly infection.

Another disadvantage of having lashes or extensions stuck together is that when they do start to grow, those that are stuck will be dragged in directions they don’t naturally grow in, and suddenly your lovely set that looked amazing initially will start to look messy, with extensions crossing over or being dragged down! A safely applied set will be able to grow freely and so will remain looking great until infill time, they also won’t irritate you.

Continued trauma to the eyelashes will inevitably end up with long-term damage and a lack of healthy natural lashes! Are you sure your technician is applying safely?

An example of Bad Eyelash Extensions

Separating the eyelash extensions and natural lashes is one
of the golden rules for creating safe and healthy applications. Any decent technician will always separate throughout the application and then take a few minutes at the end to go through every lash and extension to ensure they are separated.

Signs that your extensions are NOT being applied safely:

  • After 4-5 days your lashes don’t look as amazing!
    Probably stuck to each other.
  • You are constantly having to lift them up with
    your finger as they are drooping!
  • Irritation and itchiness, if you can feel your
    extensions at all they have NOT been well applied. You should not be able to
    feel you are wearing well applied eyelash extensions.
  • Full set applied too fast! (a safe full set
    should take no less than 1 hour fifteen depending on how many natural lashes
    you have, if you have a lot then a full set can take up to 2 hours applied
  • Infills – a good technician will NOT offer
    infills by the 15 minutes, decent infills will include, removing extensions
    that have grown up to be replaced, priming the clean natural lashes, applying
    fresh extensions, separating and sealing (no less than half an hour is worth