No Eyelash Extensions!!!!!! A good time to take a rest?

I know some of you will be watching daily as each eyelash extension starts to drop and thinking how can I cope without them!!!! Well you can, it won’t be nice but it’s a great time to give the eyelash extensions a small break. Reverting to your own natural lashes will be a shock for some of you, don’t worry it will only be temporary. But here is what to expect:

  • Your natural lashes will appear much shorter than before you started, they will grow again.
  • You will think you look more tired – the extensions create a lift and youthful look
  • Over time the glue used will have weakened your natural eyelashes, this is only temporary whilst you are wearing them – so long as the correct choice of extension length, weight and thickness was used and they were applied safely by a skilled technician.
  • The first 2 weeks are the hardest, after that you will start to get used to your natural lashes.

So, what are the benefits of taking a rest?

  • It allows the eyelid line to be cleansed thoroughly, most extensions wearers are always too afraid to clean right up to the roots for fear of pulling out the extensions, a build-up of dead skin, make-up, dirt and bacteria can start to accumulate (see the next POST on ‘Cleaning Eyelash Extensions, be ready for when you get yours back on)
  • The eyelid line skin can be moisturised and nourished
  • Natural lashes can be moisturised and nourished
  • You can have a good old eye rub!!!

The natural eyelash cycle is approximately 3 months, where it starts to grow, becoming a healthy eyelash and then eventually matures before shedding itself naturally. During your rest you will start to see your natural eyelashes gain length again.

I’m sure you are not going completely naked though so getting a good mascara can help you transition from extensions to natural eyelashes. I personally highly recommend Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara.

The key to getting longer looking lashes using just a mascara is to take your time; follow these steps and you’ll have luscious looking lashes in no time, though not too luscious, I want you to come back:


  1. Remove the mascara wand from the bottle and scrape of the excess mascara back into the bottle (too much mascara on the brush leads to blobs being deposited on your natural lashes).
  2. Gently but firmly apply the mascara starting underneath from the root up to the tip.
  3. Using a clean mascara wand (you’ve probably got plenty of these if you’re a client of mine) gently brush up from the root to the tip to separate and spread out the natural lashes – you’ll feel like you are removing the mascara but you aren’t. Allow to dry for a minute.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 two more times.
  5. By slowing applying mascara and brushing up with the clean brush, this allows you to keep the natural lashes as separated as possible giving you more lashes to apply to creating a much fuller look, instead of a clumpy mess.

Now some of you will be thinking about using an eyelash growth serum during this resting time because you’ve heard that they can strengthen and lengthen your lashes.

Be very careful about which eyelash serum you choose. Some of the over the counter serums will contain ingredients that inadvertently irritate the eyelid skin and can cause long term damage to the eye itself.

 If you are hoping to return to wearing eyelash extensions once life returns to ‘normal’ then you may want to hold off using an eyelash serum altogether!

It has been reported that some of these serums can irritate and  thin the skin on the eyelid close to the lashes (its very difficult to apply serums without getting some of the serum on the eyelid skin), this in turn means that when you do return to getting eyelash extensions you may end up with an intolerance to the glue because the skin on your eyelids is more sensitive now, resulting in the chemicals from the glue causing skin irritation and itchiness.

For more information on serums, the ups and the downs read the following article: Everything you need to know about using lash growth serums.

Make the Most of your Rest Time:

Use this time to nourish and moisturise your natural lashes, when you moisturise your face wipe the face cream over your lashes too, or for a more concentrated eyelash nourishment use one of the following:

Enjoy the time you have with no eyelash extensions on (not too much though), as I look forward to seeing you back for a fresh set in no time at all.

 In the meantime, stay fit and healthy and keep in touch.